The only Medical Practice Management Software Designed for the Medical-Legal Industry

The only Medical Practice Management Software Designed for the Medical-Legal Industry

With Conexem, access all the core functionality you need to process, bill, and seamlessly manage your medical practice in one place.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Conexem is scalable and increases efficiency by eliminating duplication and numerous time consuming processes.

Improve Compliance

Conexem’s integrated MTUS database, tracking and workflows for RFA, IMR, SBR, IBR, DOR and Lien Filings keeps your organization current and compliant.

Increase Revenue

By automating work flows, Conexem allows providers to increase capacity and focus on treating their patients.

About the Company

7M Claims Processed for Clients
40% Increased Efficiency


  • “Conexem has made my life easier with it’s user friendly interface and intuitive design that my entire staff can use without issue.”

  • “There’s complete transparency with regards to what my staff is doing when I’m not there and I also have real time updates as to what is being billed out to carriers or checks received every day. Conexem has allowed me the ability to hold my staff accountable and I’m comfortable knowing that all assigned tasks are being completed each day.”

  • “For many years, my clinic has used paper charts for all the reports and treatment cards done by hand. Since we switched to Conexem’s EMR system, we not only can store all our information in one place, but it also has allowed our operations to go completed paperless.”

  • “I now can access all my patients’ medical reports from any location even if I’m working from home.”

  • “Conexem has allowed me to improve my business efficiency through it’s easy to use scheduling and patient organization services.”

  • “I have been able to improve my clinic’s workflow by using Conexem to organize patient information so I can quickly and easily find any information I need.”

Conexem software is ideal for Medical Practices, Management Organizations, and Billing and Collection companies of any size.

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