We navigate the complexities of managing complex claims so you don’t have to

We navigate the complexities of managing complex claims so you don’t have to

Custom workflows to maximize automation and efficinecy

Customized tasking can be based on document uploads, data entry, or both. Uploaded documents can be tasked to individuals and/or groups of users, and Managers can view and manage individual, group or organization tasks.

Manage all collections from one screen.

Easily view and manage all collection processes from one screen, including sending and receiving offers, settlement agreements, documents, submission of DOR’s and lien filing. Collectors never have to leave their desk.

Simplified Billing

Unique Patient dashboard designed to simplify case management

Patient Dashboard
& Registration

Conexem’s unique patient dashboard is designed to simplify case management and care collaboration by providing pertinent information on one screen. View patient chart documents, status of authorization requests, referrals, clinical course, diagnoses, medications and procedures from a snapshot of most recent events, as well as easy to access summary pages. Easily view injury dates, body parts and status for all dates of injury. Access clinical charting directly from the Dashboard.

Clinical Charting

Designed for quick data entry, the clinical charting feature ties body parts, complaints, physical examination and diagnosis to MTUS Guideline links. These links provide the appropriate recommended procedures for the selected diagnosis codes to insure that the diagnosis and documentation is suitable to the request, resulting in higher approval rates.


The RFA is auto generated based upon provider input in the treatment plan section of their report. There is no need to re-input data to create an RFA. The RFA can be generated immediately, or tasked to a coordinator for generating and/or processing. The tracking system tracks the number of days from request to response, allows modification of requests/authorizations and has built-in tasking to complete the referral process once a determination has been made.

Secured databases and daily backups

All data is stored and backed up on the Microsoft Cloud and is protected by Microsoft’s security and privacy policies along with our own. Microsoft Cloud offers its own point in time 15-30 day restoration capabilities.

Comprehensive, and custom reporting and document management

Conexem produces comprehensive industry standard and user defined custom reports to help you manage your organization. Managers can quickly spot trends and proactively take necessary corrective action if needed.

Built for multiple organizations and companies of any size

Find the solution that fits your needs