Medical Practice Management Software
Designed For The Workers' Compensation Industry



Conexem 2.0

One Solution
Designed for the Workers’ Compensation Industry


Conexem 2.0 is a Cloud Based, easy to use, integrated Medical Practice Management, EHR and Accounts Receivable Management software specifically designed for the Workers’ Compensation Industry.  Conexem software is always current and industry compliant.

One Database for Multiple Organizations – Designed as a single database, multiple organization format, Conexem is ideal for Medical Practices, Management Organizations, and Billing and Collection companies of any size. Conexem allows file sharing with other organizations for seamless information exchange.  Conexem is scalable and is designed to increase efficiency by eliminating duplication and time consuming processes.

Management Dashboards – Conexem provides managers with exceptional Management Dashboards to display real time performance metrics, manage critical timelines, and view up to the minute financial data.

Customized Home Screens – Specifically designed to display all of the important information based on user type for greater productivity and less distraction.

Reporting – Conexem produces comprehensive industry standard and user defined custom reports to help you manage your organization.  Managers can quickly spot trends and proactively take necessary corrective action if needed.

Document Templates and Letters – Easily create document templates and letters to use over and over again.  The system auto populates chosen fields to customize your documents.
Snippet Manager – Save valuable time by using the snippet manager to import frequently used custom language into any document.

Document Management – Easily upload PDF documents individually or in batches to file into the patient record.

Direct to Mail – From your desktop, serve all parties by mail with address verification and auto generated Proof of Service routed directly to the patient record.  No envelopes, no copies, no mailroom.

Integrated Fax and E-mail – Receive and manage E-mail and Faxes directly from your home screen. Fax or E-mail out of Conexem with auto creation of Proof of Service and receive Fax confirmation with PDF of original faxed documents routed directly to the patient record.

Instant Messenger -For urgent in-office communication, the instant messenger feature sends an immediate message to specified users.


Security & Back Up

All data is stored and backed up on the Microsoft Cloud and is protected by Microsoft’s security and privacy policies along with our own. Microsoft Cloud offers its own point in time 15-30 day restoration capabilities

The Conexem website uses 128-bit encryption to establish a secure connection between the end user and Conexem servers, allowing users to securely search and download any information on the system.
All user activities are monitored, and tracked to provide a full audit trail of where the user was, what they were doing and when.

Conexem offers the Sentinel program which downloads, on a nightly basis a read-only copy of your database program on your own server which allows full viewing and printing and access to data for running reports. The data is backed up to the previous day and is useful in case of power outages and lack of access to the internet. This requires SQL Server 2014 or above to function.

For clients that wish to only have the database in the native format or have a local database for reporting purposes, Conexem  offers the Grunt program, which downloads on a nightly basis a copy of your raw data which allows for reporting and viewing through SQL Server Management Studio. This requires SQL Server 2014 or above to function.

Electronic Chart – Documents are easily identified and located under chart tab headings based upon user preferences. Easily view pertinent documents without having to look through the entire patient chart to locate a document.

Patient Dashboard – Conexem’s unique patient dashboard is designed to simplify case management and care collaboration by providing pertinent information on one screen.  View patient chart documents, status of authorization requests, referrals, clinical course, diagnoses, medications and procedures from a snapshot of most recent events,  as well as easy to access summary pages. Easily view injury dates, body parts and status for all dates of injury.  Access clinical charting directly from the Dashboard.

Document and Template Association – Chart documents for the provider to review as well as document and/or report templates for the provider to complete, can be linked to the patient appointment, allowing more time for the physician to spend with the patient, and less time searching for information.

Clinical Charting – Designed for quick data entry, the clinical charting feature ties body parts, complaints, physical examination and diagnosis to MTUS Guideline links. These links provide the appropriate recommended procedures for the selected diagnosis codes to insure that the diagnosis and documentation is suitable to the request, resulting in higher approval rates.

RFA – The RFA is auto generated based upon provider input in the treatment plan section of their report.  There is no need to re-input data to create an RFA.  The RFA can be generated immediately, or tasked to a coordinator for generating and/or processing. RFA’s can also be created independently inside Conexem, as well as uploaded into Conexem if created outside of the system and tracked. The tracking system tracks the number of days from request to response, allows modification of requests/authorizations and has built-in tasking to complete the referral process once a determination has been made.  Requests for Authorization can be managed individually as well as globally.

Registration & Scheduling

Patient Registration – Simplified registration. Register once—add as many cases as necessary.  Capture all relevant data on one screen, including dates of injury, all parties associated with the claim, case and body part status.  All updates are instantaneous providing for efficient, reliable patient data.

Scheduling – The robust Scheduler is designed to give users the ability to view and schedule for multiple providers and locations on one screen, view appointment confirmation status, patient check-in status, and notification indicating that the chart has been prepped for the visit.  Appointment notes specific to the scheduled appointment are prominently visible. Critical information can now be transmitted to the Provider.  Clinical charting may be accessed directly from the patient schedule.

Patient Tracking – Track patient progress throughout their visit—from check-in to check-out, and any user defined locations in between.  Conexem’s custom tracking screen makes it easy to manage and direct patient flow.


Billing – Simplified billing — as the medical report is completed, the charge encounter is created simultaneously, and a task is sent to the biller to generate the bill.

Verification -To verify the integrity of billed encounters, Conexem performs data validation and claims scrubbing prior to submission to insure that all bills submitted will be accepted by the payor.  This insures no rejections due to missing or incorrect information.

Electronic Billing – Conexem supports electronic billing as well as generation of paper claims, with optional direct to mail services.

Fee Schedule Tracking – Always know what you expect to be paid.  CPT codes can be tied to various fee schedules and updated as necessary.

Second Bill Review and Independent Bill Review – The SBR and IBR creation is integrated into the billing process and tracking is easily managed so deadlines are not missed.

Payment Posting – Quickly and easily post payments.  Use auto distribution for settlements. No more calculating line by line.  Indicate collector credit, if applicable, based upon your business rules to track and generate individual and global collections performance.


Integrated Collection Screen – Easily view and manage all collection processes from one screen, including sending and receiving offers, settlement agreements, documents, submission of DOR’s  and lien filing.  Collectors never have to leave their desk.

Hearing Representatives – Providing information to hearing representatives within as well as outside of your organization is simplified. A “log in” specifically designed for the hearing representative and the electronic delivery of hearing calendars and exhibit packages saves valuable time.  No more copying and delivering information back and forth.

EAMS Integration – Hearing dates and other WCAB notifications are auto-populated into the patient file, eliminating the need for data entry.

Tasking & Tracking

Tasking and Work Flow – Custom workflows are designed around your business rules to maximize automation and efficiency. Customized tasking can be based on document uploads, data entry, or both.  Uploaded documents can be tasked to individuals and/or groups of users, and Managers can view and manage individual, group or organization tasks.

Tracking – Manage and track critical regulatory timelines associated with RFA, IMR, SBR, IBR, DOR and Lien Filings. View individually or globally.